Healthcare has a deeply rooted gender problem. Women over-index in ALL types of pain, yet 1 in 2 women have had their pain ignored or dismissed. Added to this, almost all pain research is still only done on men, meaning our knowledge of pain in women is incomplete. The Gender Pain Gap is a health crisis for women. 
To make women’s pain impossible to ignore. We commissioned the first ever Gender Pain Gap report, proving that this problem is a systemic and societal issue.  Through an integrated campaign we shone a light on the scale of the problem and empowered more women to share their experiences. And a new product range highlighted real dismissals women receive instead of treatment validating women. 
Through this platform, Nurofen launched a series of industry-first commitments including pioneering gender balance in clinical trials and gender bias training in leading pharmacy chains in the UK for 10,000 healthcare professionals.  

ROLE: Creative Director  AGENCY: McCann Health London  
Awards: Cannes Lions (shortlist), Eurobest (Gold in Glass), LIA (Bronze), Epica (Bronze), Gerety Awards (Silver) Campaign Big Awards (finalist), Creative Floor (3 Golds)​​​​​​​
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