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Hi. I'm Eduardo Boldrini, a blend of Brazilian creativity, Italian heritage, and a dash of London swagger. As a Creative Director, I've spent over two decades weaving stories and creating campaigns across the globe. From the bustling streets of Brazil to the historic lanes of the UK and Germany, my journey has been about bringing ideas to life for iconic names like Coca-Cola, Mastercard, Durex, Nestle, the United Nations, McDonald's, Carlsberg, and Janssen, among others.
Not just confined to advertising, I ventured into storytelling with 'Coisas Que Porto Alegre Fala' (Things People Say in Porto Alegre), turning a local project into a cultural phenomenon — from an online series to a play on the stage to a series broadcasted on TV, even catching the spotlight on Netflix Brazil (it was in their catalog for 5 years).

All these years made me believe in different things:
I believe that a great idea is not one person's idea, but the power of a team.
I believe people want to be informed or entertained.
I believe every problem can have a unique solution and every step has to be surgically planned.
I believe in diving because great ideas are in deep spots.
I believe in passion.
And in good stories.
I believe in the power of emotion.
I believe we can do something great together.

Feel free to get in touch - eboldrini@gmail.com
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