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I’m Eduardo Boldrini, a creative copywriter / CD from Brazil with Italian passport, currently living in London. For the last 18 years, I’ve been working in advertising agencies in Brazil, the UK and Germany.
I've also created a project called 'Coisas Que Porto Alegre Fala' (Things People Say in Porto Alegre) that became a play, a TV series (Brazil) and is now part of the Netflix Brazil.

All these years made me believe in different things:

I believe that a great idea is not one person's idea, but the power of a team.

I believe planners, accounts, and producers are creative people working in other departments.

I believe people want to be informed or entertained.

I believe every problem can have an unique solution and every step has to be surgically planned.

I believe in diving, because great ideas are in deep spots.

I believe in passion.

And in good stories.

I believe in the power of emotion.

I believe we can do something great together.
Creative Circle UK 2022 (7 Golds, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze) Clio Health 2022 (1 Bronze, 2 Shortlists) NY festival 2022 (2 shortlists) NY Festival 2021 (1 shortlist) Clio Sports 2018 (1 Bronze), Creative Circle UK 2018 (2 Bronzes), Webby Awards 2018 (Finalist), Campaign Tech Awards 2018 (1 Gold + 2 Finalists) The Drum Creative Award 2017 (4 Golds + 3 finalists), Effie Awards UK 2017 (2 finalists), Wave Festival 2012 (2 Silver Direct), Wave Festival 2011 (1 Finalist), Effie Awards Brasil 2011 (Gold), El Ojo de Iberoamerica 2011 (Bronze), Prêmio de Midia Estadão 2011 - National Brazilian award (Grand Prix)

Feel free to get in touch - eboldrini@gmail.com
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