The long short of it. Coisas que Porto Alegre fala started as an online ad campaign for TV Bandeirantes (TV channel in Brazil). The online videos were about 4 teenagers using the local language expressions in everyday situations with lots of humour. The project became so famous that the TV channel gave us the right to continue the project independently after the campaign was over. We create more than 20 videos with the help of local sponsors, a theatre play with record of attendance in the State (more than 3K people in the first night) and a 4-episode TV series (believe or not, in another TV channel - RBSTV/Globo), bringing the audience up by 3 points during the show. And, last but not least, the last night of the play was recorded and was part of the Netflix Brazil catalog for 5 years. 
Award: Idea of the Year 2012 (ARPNET - Brazil)
Theatre poster 
TV Series - Opening Credits
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