An activation that turned the audience into a meme.​​​​​​​
Coca-Cola was one of the sponsors of YouPix, the biggest event about everything internet related in Brazil. In an environment where all the attractions are about the web, how does Coca-Cola bring real happiness to the audience?
MemeMatch Coca-Cola was a real machine that turned internet memes into living, breathing characters through an imitation game. The result of each meme match was shared instantly on social media, generating a virtual album. By the end of the event, thousands of matches were performed and millions of images were shared.
ROLE: Creative Director / Copywriter - Agency: DCS/JWT BRAZIL
We had to find the most fanatic football fans in the Brazilian greatest rivalry.

In a reality show about football, happiness, and rivalry, Coca-Cola brought to Brazil a football fan from Argentina to find the two most fanatic football fans from Internacional and Grêmio, the greatest rivalry in Brazilian football.
For 2 months, Racing football fan Gonzalo lived in Brazil and engaged with fans from both teams Internacional and Grêmio. He went to several matches, met players during training, met fans, talked to the press and created lots of funny, light-hearted content in social channels. Almost every day during the campaign, Gonzalo would post new content challenging the fans to engage with different tasks and events. And the response was amazing. 
ROLE: Creative Director / Copywriter - Agency: DCS/JWT BRAZIL Porto Alegre
COPY: Hey hermano are you going to support Inter our Grêmio? 
Hermano means brother in Spanish.
Below you can see the online film thanking football fans who engaged in the campaign.
THE FANS' MEDAL - OLYMPIKUS (Brazilian Sports Brand)
A medal that turned internet comments into real messages.
The greatest volleyball team in history went for the World League Championship aiming for its 10th world title. But they lost the final game. What could Olympikus, the main sponsor of the squad, have done in this situation?
The Fans’ Medal was part of a bigger project called Inside the League, in which the players filmed themselves during the entire competition, generating high fan engagement.
AWARDS: Wave Festival (Silver), El Ojo (Bronze)
ROLE: Copywriter - Agency: DCS/JWT BRAZIL
Sea Shepherd - Falling in Love
6 out of 10 turtles die of plastic ingestion. With summer season about to star in Brazil, we had the mission to warn people of the tragic outcome of leaving trash at the beach.
The Shark Container
90% of the sharks in the Brazilian Coast have been exterminated by illegal finning. Sea Shepherd wanted to make that crime public in order to get support to change the Brazilian laws and harden the penalties for the perpetrators. To get the attention of the media and the public, we made installations in the main Brazilian cities reproducing the illegal cargos arrested by the Brazilian coast guard.
Coca-Cola Theatre 
A film to inform the audience in the cinemas about the relevant health and safety information before the feature starts.
Tramontina Fish Knife
Print ad to launch the new Tramontina Fish Knife.
Tramontina Professional Knives
Print ad campaign to launch the new Tramontina Professional Knife with anti-bacterial protection.
McDonald's Monopoly
After many years, the biggest McDonald's promotion in the UK needed something new for their consumers. The Prize Choice campaign was the first Monopoly campaign in the world where the consumers could finally chose their prizes.
Awards: Effie Awards UK (2 finalists)
Carlsberg Tube Strike viral video
During a tube strike in London, Carlsberg gave commuters an idea of a better use for their useless oyster card.
Daydreaming Olympikus
In preparation for the Football World Cup and the Olympics, Olimpikus - the biggest Brazilian sports brand - invited all Brazilians to build the country of their dreams.
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